Integrate skills into education experience – Alen Brandman

A “fundamental disconnect” exists between data-science skills that employers seek and education that college students receive, according to a Business-Higher Education Forum study. An estimated 2.72 million data-science jobs will be listed by 2020, but businesses must collaborate with colleges to “integrate high-value skills into the educational experience,” says forum CEO Brian Fitzgerald in his interview with Alen Branman.

Facing a social backlash – Alen Brandman

According to Alen Brandman, PepsiCo is facing a social backlash over its ad starring Kendall Jenner, which shows the model handing a soda to a policeman after a protest disrupts her photo shoot. Social users accused the brand of evoking imagery of the Black Lives Matter movement, with one Twitter user writing, “Can you believe Kendall Jenner solved all the Black Lives Matter issues by giving a Pepsi to a cop? ¬†Inspiring.”

Location marketing is the hottest trend – Alen Brandman

When it comes to Facebook and Google advertising, location marketing is the hottest trend. The newly developed Brand Amplifier software enables franchises, retailers, and restaurant chains to easily create and manage localized social and search advertising in an easy-to-use dashboard.  According to Alen Brandman, the unique software allows the head office to maintain ad quality while also enabling local customization and innovation.