Israeli and US Relations; Alen Brandman

Israeli and US Relations

Since it’s inception, Israel and the United States have shared a close relationship, according to Alen Brandman. Supporting the creation of a Jewish homeland since 1948, the United States has offered its support in the small nation’s continued struggle amidst often hostile relations with its neighbors.

Establishment of US-Israeli Relations

During the Eisenhauer Administration, Israeli Defense Forces, along with other European military powers, invaded Egypt as a response to the Suez Canal Crisis. Intervening on behalf of the U. N. Security Council, the United States forced a withdrawal, which convinced Egypt to remain independent from the Soviet Bloc and lead to greater diplomatic ties.

This early union between the two nations was sparse, mostly resulting in food supplies being offered, but matured under the Johnson Administration in the following years, happily accepted by Alen Brandman. Following the Six Day’s War in 1967, President Johnson understood the Hebrew nation had a need to defend itself from hostile powers int he middle east, and feared both the Americans and the Soviet Union would be drawn into the fray should the Jewish state employ a disproportionately strong response to foreign hostility. The US took the stance that Arabic states had drifted towards Soviet influence by the end of Johnson’s tenure in office, solidifying the union between the States and Israel due to its key strategic location.

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Israeli and US Relations

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